Latest Current Affairs - 05 October 2019

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Which city near has opened India’s
first-ever Floating Basketball Court?

Ans.   Mumbai

The Audio Odigos app has launched by which
union ministry?

Ans.   Ministry of Tourism

MoU with Indian Army for customised services
has signed which bank?

Ans.   BoB

India’s first sports university Which state
cabinet has approved?

Ans.   Delhi

The India’s third state to ban certain
categories of pan masala has become which state?

Ans.   Rajasthan

Automated Real Time Performance Smart-board has
launched by which union ministry? 

Ans.   Ministory of Electronics and Information

As per RBI’s 4th bi – monthly Monetary Policy Statement for 2019-20, what is the current repo rate??

Ans.   5.15%

Who has selected Election commission of India (ECI)
appoint as Special Observers for Telangana SLA election?

Ans.   Mr. B. R. Balakrishnan

How much did the Centre approve as financial
assistance for flood hit Karnataka and Bihar?

Ans.   Rs.1,813.75 crore

When the World Space Week is observed?

Ans.   October 4-10

The YSR Vahana Mitra scheme has launched in
which state ?

Ans.   Andhra Pradesh

Whom did Election commission of India (ECI)
appoint as Special Observers for SLA election in Sikkim?

Ans.   Mr. Suresh Kumar

When did the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) pass resolution to observe the World Space week?

Ans.   1999

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