Latest Current Affairs - 07 October 2019

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Name the Which country does not
border with Turkey?

Ans.   Algeria

Who won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine?

Ans.   William G Kaelin Jr, Peter J Ratcliffe
& Gregg L Semenza

When is the national Wildlife Week celebrated
in India?

Ans.   2-8 October

Who will perform Shastra Puja in France after
receiving the first Rafale fighter jet?

Ans.   Rajnath Singh 

Which organisation hosted the celebrations of the
first World Cotton Day in Geneva?

Ans.   World Trade Organisation

With which Country did India sign an MOU to set
up a coastal surveillance system radar?        

Ans.   Bangladesh

India recently received the first tranche of
details about the Indian Citizens account in which institution?

Ans.   Swiss Bank

which country has announced that it
is to launch a military operation in northern Syria as the United States will
withdraw its troops?

Ans.   Turkey

Which country has fined 80 people and groups for
alleged 1MDB payments?

Ans.   Malaysia

Where was the North East Handloom and
Handicraft Exhibition held?

Ans.   Aizawl

The Supreme Court directed which state government
to assure that no more trees will be cut in Aarey colony?

Ans.   Maharashtra 

Where is the 5th international conference on
sleep disorders held?

Ans.   Nagpur

When was the first World Cotton Day celebrated?

 Ans.  October 7, 2019 

Nagpur to host the ___ international conference
on sleep disorders

Ans.   5th

Who is launch a military operation in northern

Ans.   Turkey

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