Latest Current Affairs - 08 October 2019

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Which website and and mobile app launch for oral health
information by Health Minister?

Ans.   eDantseva

Who win UNEP’s Asia Environmental Enforcement

Ans.   Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey

India launches which medicine project for
African countries?

Ans.   e-VidyaBharti tele-education and
e-ArogyaBharti tele

When National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) is
organising ‘Ganga Aamantran Abhiyan’ river rafting expedition on Ganga from

Ans.   October 10 to November 11

When we celebrated World Habitat Day

Ans.   October 7

Who launched the e-Dentseva, the
first-ever national digital platform, on oral health information and knowledge

Ans.   Harsh Vardhan

Where is the Hindon Air Force Station

Ans.   Uttar Pradesh

When was the Indian Air Force (IAF) founded?

Ans.   1932

India celebrated ________ Indian Air Force Day
on 8th October 2019?

Ans.   87th

Which month is observed as the Breast Cancer
Awareness Month?

Ans.   October

____Astronauts Complete 1st Of 5 Power Upgrade

Ans.   USA

Where is the headquarters of WTO?

Ans.   Geneva

How many member states in World Trade

Ans.   164

Indian Army organizes Veer Kutumb Rally in

Ans.   Jammu and Kashmir

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