Latest Current Affairs - 10 October 2019

Lets discuss today's latest current affairs

Which country’s military offensive in Syria has
India condemned?

Ans.   Turkey

A free mass eye screening programme Dr YSR
Kanti Velugu programme has launched by which state?

Ans.   Andhra Pradesh

In which
state has lifted travel restrictions on tourists?

Ans.   Jammu
& Kashmir

When was
World Mental Health Day observed in 2019?

Ans.   10

Programme has been launched to encourage talented children to enrich their
skills by the Union Government ?

Ans.   DHRUV

When the
World Sight Day 2019 observed?

Ans.   10

will be a second airport in Uttar Pradesh.

Ans.   Hindon airport

which bank has reduced the lending rates by ten basis points?

Ans.   State Bank of India (SBI)

Who won
the Nobel Prize in Literature 2019?

Ans.   Olga

which Country allowed women to serve in the armed forces?

Ans.   Saudi Arabia

The Great
Green Wall of Sahara and Sahel is headed by

Ans.   African Union

SBI has
reduced deductions and lending rates from 3.25% in October 2019.

Ans.   25 bps

Muslim Woman of the Year 2020 declared as?

Ans.   Rashida Tlaib

After the
exit of PayPal how many members are currently present in the Libra Association

Ans.   27

Muslim Woman of the Year 2020 declared as?

Ans.   Imran Khan

Where is
located the headquarters of Libra Association?

Ans.   Geneva, Switzerland

Director-General of Army Aviation Corps is

Ans.   Lt Gen P K Bharali

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