Latest Current Affairs - 22 November 2019

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Whose statue was unveiled by the PM in the
CAG office complex in New Delhi?

Ans.       Mahatma Gandhi

Which event was jointly organized by the
Indian Embassy and Jaipur Foot USA?

Ans.       India for Humanity-Jaipur Foot

When was SDGs 2030 organized in Delhi?

Ans.       19 to 21 November

When will Lieutenant Shivangi, the first
female pilot of the Indian Navy, join the naval operation in Kochi?

Ans.       2 December

What change framework did Microsoft introduce to facilitate the digital transformation of schools?

Ans.       K-12 education change structure

How long will tagged vehicles pay double
tolls without using the FASTag lane at the toll plaza?

Ans.       1 December

The Union Cabinet decided to stop the
spectrum payment arrears for 2020-21 and 2021-22?

Ans.       Telecom companies

Which agreement was reached for early grant
of patents to Indian institutions and individuals?

Ans.       India and Japan ink agreement

AP government signs an agreement with who will conduct a study to identify corruption in administration?

Ans.       IIM Ahmedabad

Which government decided to legalize
cannabis cultivation for medical and industrial purposes?

Ans.       MP Government

What is the place in the list of countries
most affected by terrorism?

Ans.       7th

The 2019 Global Terrorism Index was
released by

Ans.       The Sydney-based Institute for Economics
and Peace (IEP)

Which country was most affected by
terrorism in 2018?

Ans.       Afghanistan

Which electric airplane, NASA unveiled, its

Ans.       X-57 maxwell

When is World Fisheries Day celebrated?

Ans.       On 21 November

was World Television Day celebrated?

Ans.       21 November

When is World Darshan Day celebrated by UNESCO?

Ans.       On 21 November

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