Latest Current Affairs - 29 December 2019

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Nirmala Sitharaman launched which platform
for banks related assets?

Ans.       Common E-Auction Platform

CSIR institute created new technology to
promote which production?

Ans.       Geranium

How much money does BSNL get from Bharat broadband vendor to clear BharatNet vendor?

Ans.       770 crores

Who are the top 10 most business
professionals in India?

Ans.       Ratan Tata Gautam Adani

Where does the Mandu Festival begin?

Ans.       Mandu Madhya Pradesh

When was the Ladakhi New Year Losar

Ans.       28 December

The former director-general of Doordarshan Shiv Sharma died at the age of how many years?

Ans.       85 years

Who won the 2019 Harivarasanam Award given
by the Kerala government?

Ans.       Composer Ilaiyaraaja

Which of the following indigenous dual-seat
fighter jets has been prepared by Pakistan in collaboration with China?

Ans.       Jets JF-17

Who won the Director of the Year Award at
the Palm Springs International Film Festival for "Once Upon a Time in

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino

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