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Passions into profits today we have a little bit different setup here today but I'm going to show you how to add an auto-subscribe pop-up to your YouTube channel link what do.

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Increase views and watch time

I mean by this so let's say you have a specific link that I'm going to show you here and you shared it to your Instagram or your website or your newsletter and when any person clicks on that link as soon as they click it rather than just going straight to your channel which they will they're gonna get a pop-up that looks like this let me insert the screenshot here and they can either choose to subscribe at that point or just continue watching the video because a lot of times when people click on the link for your channel they're gonna get immersed in the videos and they may not necessarily think to subscribe we want to reduce as much friction as possible this is key to business yes business success okay so let's get into how to do that this is gonna be super easy also in the description box.

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                   I have a ton of playlists about how to grow on YouTube Instagram your business success mindset and yeah enough talking let's do it, okay so we got my screen here make sure it's recording okay so let's go into my YouTube channel I have two at YouTube channels if you are new here my entrepreneur channel which you are on right now and I have a cloning channel so let's just actually add this to my cleaning channel because I've already done it for my entrepreneur one okay so here we are if you look at the top in the URL it looks like a bunch of gobbledygook I actually have a whole video about how you can clean this bad boy up so make sure you check that out as well but let me show you another way..

 that if you want to make a very custom URL we'll go in that way so it doesn't really matter see it says androgen cleaning it doesn't really matter which URL you are using why is it doing that this is not a good example for you slash entry of gene oh I know why because it's just like that I changed it around at some point so there we go slash Andrea Jean alright so this is what you want to add to the end of your link again it could be your custom URL which.

Your Custom URL 

 I will show you in that video or it can be the gobbledygook URL this is what you want to add and I'm gonna have it linked here as you can see it in the screenshot good it's gonna go like that so at the end your input question mark now give it sub underscore confirmation equals oops equals one okay then you're gonna copy this this is the link that you are gonna put on other social media platforms and when people click that link they're gonna get this pop-up that you see here very good but let's say you wanted to shorten this link and make it look even better I use a service called bitly and there is lots of research to demonstrate how when your links look a little bit better people are more enticed to click on them so Billy vit ly and it's free and what you're gonna do is you'll just go ahead and sign up for an account and it's because I'm in my other channel it's prompting me so we're just gonna log in with Google hopefully this works for me okay people asked because is managing two channels difficult um in the beginning it was a little bit to juggle but at this point it's all good so you're in you're gonna go to create at the top right and you're going to put in that long URL again this is the prompt that's gonna pop up and at the end here you're gonna customize the back end so I may put like I don't know what should we do subscribe this might be taken subscribe now enter ok that's taken so let's do.

 Andrea Jean cleaning that'll work right enter links been edited so I'm going to go to the top and I'm gonna go ahead and click copy and then I'm just going to save this in a note section I already have one for my entrepreneur channel and this one for my cleaning channel I have to update my website with the new link so there you have your very nice blank that's gonna have the auto subscribe so let's see if this actually works shall we yes okay we're gonna copy the link I'm gonna get out of bitly and I'm gonna log out of YouTube here and sign out good okay so this is what someone's gonna see when they click on this link we're just straight here in YouTube I'm actually a little like this in the search bar right about there tada do you see this confirm a channel subscription are you sure you want to subscribe to andrea gene cleaning this is the first thing that people are gonna see so they don't even have to think about it this is gonna increase your watch time your subscribers views all of.

that good stuff you can't subscribe to your own channel so that's why you have to log out of YouTube in order for this pop-up to run effectively for you if you found the video helpful be sure to share this out with all of your friends and family and fellow entrepreneurs give the video a thumbs up subscribe check out my freebie in the description box for you so that you sign up for the newsletter so you do not miss out on anything thank you so much for being here and I will

Google Ads Help: How to create a video campaign

NARRATOR: With Google Ads, you can choose different video ad formats and campaign settings for different marketing goals. These video ads appear across the web and on YouTube, which receives visits by more than 2 billion users. Targeting specific topics, keywords, and demographics help you hone in on your audience while they watch their favorite videos. Identify your marketing objectives before creating your video campaign. The marketing goals you select as you create your campaign will act as your campaign goals. If your goal is leads or website traffic, your campaign will drive clicks and relevant conversations. If your goal is product and brand consideration, 

Your campaign will drive interactions and engagements or help you promote products. If your goal is brand awareness and reach, your campaign will reach viewers on YouTube and across the web who are interested in your brand and product story. You can select a single ad format or multiple ad formats depending on your marketing goals. You'll need to create an ad group for each format. Some formats serve more than one goal. 

Trueview Video Ads are skippable in-stream ads that can be optimized to help you achieve your specific marketing objective with brand awareness and reach product consideration, or driving leads. They play before, during, or after other YouTube videos and can be skipped after five seconds. TrueView for Action Ads influence viewers to act with clickable calls to action, and Trueview for Reach Ads drive impressions and expand reach using the cost per impression buying model. Trueview Discovery Ads let you engage your audience during key moments of discovery on the YouTube home page, search results, and video pages. 

They can also sit alongside content on partner websites. These are great for increasing brand consideration with an audience that can be more engaged and interested in your brand. You can also make use of additional ad formats that don't fall under the Trueview brand but that can also help you reach your marketing goals. 

                       Non-skippable in-stream ads allow you to reach customers with your entire 15-second message, as they're not skippable. Use these to drive brand awareness and consideration. Bumper ads are 6-second ads that are designed to help you efficiently drive impressions and reach with short, memorable messages. 

                 YouTube Masthead Ads appear at the top of the YouTube home feed on desktop, mobile, and TV screens and work to drive awareness with a massive audience. Ready to get started? Review these Google Ads Help Center articles for step-by-step instructions on how to set up a campaign, reach the right audience, and measure the success of your Trueview video ads all from within Google Ads.

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