Get Views from YouTube's Organic Search Results Part-3

 Write Successful YouTube Titles Consequently, if I made a video, depending on the keyword'how to bake a chocolate cake for novices,' my name could be...

Use YouTube Tags

In the case above, people might be worried that it costs a whole lot to bake a cake and that cleaning up is a pain.  If I address that in the title, the video then becomes that much more enticing.

For the title, it's important that you don't attempt to make it such as'clickbait.'

For the tags, provide some key words that relate to the subject of your video.

If you've created your video around a key word, make sure your title clearly explains that your video covers the keyword in question.

Notice: If you wish to compose great titles, then you may want to work out exactly what it is that your audience doesn't like or fears, in connection to the issue in question.

That's because, as mentioned previously, user experience also plays a big role in ranking the movie.  Therefore, though your description is vital, don't get overly stressed out about getting it'right.'
If you have a look at the very best results returned for a YouTube movie hunt, you will see that there'll be a wide variation, in terms of what the descriptions look like.
That being said, in the event that you absolutely need a checklist for writing your descriptions, then here is one which you can use, courtesy of Brian Dean.
You could wind up over-optimizing your video, which can have the opposite impact. 
Now, let's take a look at the description.

Picking the right tags will let your movie appear from the'indicated videos' section when someone is watching a video that is related.
When writing the description, it is important that you don't attempt to'outsmart' Google.  Do not keyword stuff and do not rely upon any'tricks,' you could come across.

Your goal with the description is to clearly describe what the movie is all about and what people will learn as a result of seeing it.
Try not to use more than 10-12 tags with this media website.  You'll lose your intended market and dilute search outcomes data.

Here’s what an example description looks like.

Here is an illustration  of how you can use an interesting image and relevant text overlay.

Use pictures of people in your custom thumbnailEdit your thumbnail to include text overlay, using a keyword, based on the subject your video coversContain a picture that reveals an interesting section of the video -- for instance, the result of a'how-to video.'  

You will tend to find that you're able to generate the best results when you combine some of the above.

Note: If you want to do something that will improve user experience, consider providing'timestamps' in your description, so that individuals can quickly get to interesting sections of a movie.

YouTube Thumbnail Optimization 

But, as I said, the top-ranking videos all often have varying styles that they use for their description.   You do not necessarily have to follow what is above.

For the thumbnail, there are a number of approaches which you can take.  I've covered ways to create engaging YouTube thumbnails in this informative article .  A custom thumbnail becomes part of your media platform branding.

Just provide the story behind your movie, what it covers, and what people will learn as a result of seeing.

Here is an illustration  of using the image of a person, using text overlay and even possibly the'end result' that's to be done, too.

As you can see, the custom thumbnail is not overly dramatic.  It includes some text, associated with this video key word and an image of an interesting section of the movie.

You are going to wish to test , naturally.   However, the ones 2 cases and also the guidelines furnished need to be sufficient to allow you to realize very well what does function.

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